About Us

Stingray Sushi Bar & Asian Grill is of the newest members of the Big Fish Restaurant Group.  The Big Fish Restaurant has grown to include numerous restaurants in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania and continues to grow. A unique blend of original, homemade recipes, most have favorites and affordable prices have resulted in a dedicated following at all of our locations. Enough so to earn numerous Best of Delaware awards over the years. The secret ingredient to our success is our commitment to providing fresh, great tasting dishes, unsurpassed hospitality and impeccable customer service in a casual and fun atmosphere. We only hire the best team players with a true passion for the hospitality industry.


Kaylee Autry

General Manager

A native to our fair state of Delaware, Kaylee Autry spent her early adulthood in New York, waiting tables and tending bar.  She made the trek back home four years ago and began her career with the Big Fish Restaurant Group.  After spending the better part of three years bartending and serving at our flagship restaurant, Big Fish Grill, she made the decision to start managing.  Beginning her young management career, Kaylee helped run Obie’s by the Sea this past summer.  Once the season ended, she spent her time cross training at several of our locations before finding her home at Stingray.  Blessed with a sly sense of humor, exceptional intelligence, and fantastic work ethic, Kaylee is excited to share these gifts with her new Stingray family while continuing to grow into her role as General Manager!  When Kaylee isn’t at work honing her craft, she spends her time exercising both her brain and her body at the gym and school while somehow finding time to nurture animals!

Maddy Corporan

Assistant Manager

Maddy has been with the Big Fish Restaurant Group for 3 years now. She started serving tables at Obie’s by the Sea and occupied three different positions whilst being employed at the Summer House. Those positions included serving, bartending, and managing. Prior to working for the Big Fish Restaurant Group, Maddy had worked in the emergency department in registration for 5 years at Beebe Hospital. In her spare time, she likes to go to the gym, read, and spend time with loved ones. Maddy’s work ethic, leadership, enthusiasm, and intelligence will continue to be an asset to the Stingray team, and she cannot wait to grow and learn more as time goes on.

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Fernando Cornejo

Kitchen Manager

Growing up in his native San Pedro Nonualco, El Salvador, Fernando had two passions – one was for cooking and the other was the dream of becoming a rock star. He formed a rock band in his teens and worked in numerous restaurants honing his skills to become a chef. Fernando spends his free time hanging out at home & cooking with friends and family.